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Have been wanting to paint this for awhile. In 2020 and the beginning of 2021, I zoomed into the Apus of Peru for Wisdom Teachings and Ceremonies with Puma Fredy Quispe Singona @noqan_kani . It was an awesome and moving experience and online global community. It really reconnected me with the Mountain Spirits of my childhood in Colorado. The reference photo for this digital painting was, I believe, from a screenshot of one of the Ceremonies. So powerful were the teachings and spirit of the Condor. One of my 1st post Quarrantine outings was to the dentist in Coronado, mind you right after one of Puma's sessions. As I lay in the dentist chair, playing on the TV on the celine above me was an instrumental video of a Condor flying over Machu Picchu. After sitting for a half hour watching the Condor soar, going to the dentist wasn't so bad. Ha! In fact I felt amazed and deeply connected to the web of Life. The interconnectedness of the Universe always astounds me. This piece is in honor of those powerful Wisdom Teachings and Ceremonies and Puma and the Apus of Peru.

Ceremony with Puma

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