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Two 12" x 9" Panels/ Diptych

Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Panels


This set of images is divergent from my professional work, however represents a clssic exploritory style that I occasionally return to in my private creations. The totem of the hummingbird is reocurring in my life, and it is most likely a family and soul totem. Not only was the hummingbird present in my baby nursery when I was born, as I child, I would be on constant look out for the copper Rufus as a messanger of the first snow. I was curious about their migration patters throughout my life. These two paintings capture an intense vision that I had in my early 30s of the Rufus in a dark amber light hovering around the sphere of my soul. The message was about joy in the midst of the unknown. When I hear the sugary sound of hummingbirds, I feel connected to sweetness and energy of life. The white lilies represent an offering to pure spirit.

Copper Hummingbird Vision - Diptych

SKU: 2063T
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