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7" x 5"

Acrylic on Canvas

Plein Air


This is a true collaboration with Nature. I actually built this garden and carved the path with my bare hands. There used to be ivy and an avocado tree here. The avocado tree was over 100 years old and had died. When it was cut down, the sun bruned all the ivy. It just felt like death. I started taking clipings from the student succulent garden, I had planted with students. The original succulents were clippings from a Lanscaping gig I did before teaching. Over the years, the succulents grew and became quite the playground for the local birdlife. Eventually, I sculpted the land to create a meditation garden with walking paths and added sages for the hummingbirds.  Finally, I was able to take an afternoon during the 2020 Quarantine to sit down and commemorate the joy of my creative collaboration with Nature.


Succulents & Sage

SKU: 4444L
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