14" x 11"

Acrylic on Canvas


"Sunflowers" marks the passing of the Spring Equinox as we head into brighter days full of light and blooms. It is amazing how color shifts mood which has a direct effect on action. The sacred yellow sunflower is a mammoth icon of upliftment. In a recent guided meditation, we were asked to envision our current "garden" as a metaphor for our state of being. The second session guided us along a path to our furture "garden". As if it were a dream interpretation, we were tasked to decipher the subconscious symbolism and feelings the "gardens" represented in our daily life. NOW THAT WAS JUST THE START! About three days later, I recieved an unexpected care package...full of all that is sweet and yellow! A box of glowing joy full of a variety of sunflower seeds... not the kind you eat...but the kind you plant. Full of all that was yellow, these seeds of cheer were accompanied by lemons, honey, shortbread cookies, and tea. When the weather warmed and the first spring rains settled into the earth, I found little sunspots for the one and done beauties to begin their journey with life. Almost like an impatient child, instead of waiting a few months for the sunflowers to emerge and bloom...I painted my vision of the future. Subdued in earthy cheer!


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