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16" x 20"

Acrylic on Canvas


The Jaguar has been with me for a longtime. She is very powerful and healing. She first emerged in my Documenting Dreams class in art college as standing on a river clawing the currents, but her spirit was with me before, and even as a child I had a catlike quality to climbing and poncing from rock to rock. I was actually banned from watch the "Thundercats" cartoon because I was so lifelike in my stalking and pouncing abilities that my family thought I was out of control. Ha! Most recently, in my meditations Jaguar has appeared as a healing angent and guide. With my mother in the process of passing, I have felt the Jaguar take on her role for Mother Nature herself. There is a devouring of our darknesses that jaguar is honored for, and I am greatful to learn from her strngth and agility. 


The reference is from a cropped  and stylized screenshot of a YouTube video from tourist photos in the Amazon.

Totem Jag Mama

SKU: 2999T
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