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Karrie Jackson
Studio Arts Teacher

Creative Advisor and Coach
Inspirational Artist


I encourage artists to embrace authenticity with confidence by celebrating development of skills, uniqueness, inspiration, and creative self-mastery.

As a Creative Advisor, Karrie Jackson offers a range of experience from coaching individual studio art practice, public art projects, community art events, and arts program development. Mastering the Art of individualized support, Ms. Jackson specializes in inspirational counsel, authenticity, transformation, passion and joy with a distillation of creative processes through diving deep into intent development making room for intrinsic creative expression.



Ms. Jackson has over 25 years of experience as a Creative. She completed her undergraduate training at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, With Distinction; obtained a Masters of Education, Curriculum & Instruction - Integrated Teaching through the Arts, from Lesley University; and a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Visual Art from Point Loma Nazarene College. She has been a free lance artist in addition to being an educator and leader since 2003.

Coaching and Creative Program Advising

Ms. Jackson worked as a Visual Art Consultant for Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) starting in 2010 and is the CoSA’s Visual Art Department Chair since 2012. As the CoSA Visual Art Department Chair, Ms. Jackson facilitates a working artist studio developing individualized instruction for a range of skill levels grades 9-12 as well as guiding students in College Portfolio preparations, Public Exhibitions, Art Foundation Workshops and live Figure Drawing. As a Visiting Artist for Coronado High School, Ms. Jackson helps organize and co-teaches screen printing workshops, mural production and Chalk Walks as well as workshops that develop traditional art skills and abstraction. Ms. Jackson coaches students to develop naturally authentic creative practices. She offers a variety of resources including exploration of materials and technique.


As the Director of Arts for Learning in Coronado Unified School District, Ms. Jackson  has worked in partnership with a Non-Profit Arts Contracting Agency, Classroom Teachers and Teaching Artists to guide and advise the collaborative creation quality Arts Integrated English Language Arts Lessons at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels, She has guided over 80 professionals in the field, honing in on team meetings to weave in the dynamic needs of both educational requirements and creative processes for Visual Art, Dance, Music, and Performing Arts. while overseeing an annual DoDEA budget of over $100K to maximize implementation of materials, teaching artist contracts, professional development,  and extra-curricular events, Ms. Jackson has organized collaborations through dynamic schedules, use of facilities and project outlines in the best interest of all parties involved. Prior to her role as Director, Ms. Jackson also co-developed the VAPA Curriculum for the Coronado Unified School District grades K-5 based from the new National Core Standards. Ms. Jackson has worked with Counseling Departments at both the high school and elementary school level to develop projects that promote positive student culture.

On multiple occasions, Ms. Jackson's projects have extended out into the community. She has worked directly with the City of Coronado, The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, The Coronado Historical Association, Adult Education and Community Hospital and Nursing Home. She has also worked to coach adults in developing their fine art explorations through local Adult Education Program based on individual intent for personal growth. As an agent of Arts Healing, she worked with the elderly in local hospital and nursing home on individual an collaborative crafts to uplift spirits. She also developed a Mindfulness and Art course that focused on guided mindfulness meditation both with music and out in nature followed by dream journaling and exploration of personal symbolism. through art Through her work with the City, she has organized both personal and educational exhibits and public projects in the community. 

Ms. Jackson has owned and operated a free lance business since 2003 providing projects and commissions scoping from private lessons, painting, design, large scale artworks and landscaping installation. As a small business owner, Ms Jackson has guided students in setting up an EIN with local and state permits, advised on budgeting, income statements, contract negotiation, web design and intent development.



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"Karrie Jackson changed the way I approach art completely with her open mindedness towards all types of creative styles and constant encouragement. I am now able to . . . Read More. . .

Live Talks



Karrie Jackson

Personal Information

Karrie Jackson (b. 1979, Colorado, USA)



Lesley University, San Diego, 2010-2011.

Masters of Education, Curriculum & Instruction

Creative Arts & Teaching Division

Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, 2012-2013.

Single Subject Credential Program, Visual Arts

School of Education

California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 1998-2003.

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Painting & Drawing, With Distinction

President's Scholarship, 1998-2003.

Coronado School of the Arts, Coronado, 1996-1998.

Visual Arts Department

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Coronado School of the Arts 25th Anniversary Gala, Coronado, CA

2022 Coronado Flower Show, Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, Coronado, CA

2018 92118 Day, Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, Coronado, CA

2018 Sit a Spell and Sing a Tune, Public Art, piano wrapped in artwork, City of Coronado and Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, CA

2018 Celebrating Coronado Artists, Juried Banners, City of Coronado and Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, CA

2016 Trunk Show, Granada Tree House Collective, South Park, CA

2016 Sum Art, C3 Gallery, Coronado, CA

2015 Visions of Coronado, Coronado's 125th Anniversary C3 Gallery Grand Opening, Coronado, CA

2015 Art in the Park, Coronado, CA

2015 Brickyard, San Diego, CA

2014 Featured Artist, Emerald C Gallery, Coronado, CA

2013 Oz, Art in the Park, Coronado, CA

2012 Taste of Oils, Coronado, CA

2010 Emerald City, Coronado, CA

1998-2010 Various Exhibitions in San Francisco Bay Area.

Leadership & Teaching

Visual Arts Teacher & Department Chair; Coronado School of the Arts, Coronado High School, Coronado, CA, 2012-current


Coordinator & Project Management of Graphic Design Interns, Coronado School of the Arts Office, Coronado, CA 2020-current.

Arts Integration Project Director, TOSA Arts 4 Learning, Coronado Unified School District Office. Village Elementary, Silver Strand Elementary, Coronado Middle School, Coronado High School, Coronado, CA 2018-2021.

VAPA Teacher & Curriculum Development; Silver Strand Elementary School, Coronado, CA, 2017-2018.

Enrichment Teacher; Coronado High School, Visual Art Department, Coronado, CA 2011-2016

Guest Artist; Coronado High School, Visual Art Departments 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019

Visual Art Teacher; Coronado Adult Education, 2012-2013.

Art Instructor; Coronado Adult Education, Sharp Villa Coronado & Coronado Retirement Village, Coronado, CA 2011-2012.

Docent & Art Educator; Cannon Art Gallery, Carlsbad, CA 2010-2011.

Art Consultant; Coronado High School & CoSA Visual Art Departments, 2010-2011.

Art Instructor; Monart, Solana Beach, CA 2010.

Curriculum Development, Teacher & Arts Integration; Corpus Christi School, Piedmont, CA 2003-2010.

Lillian Black Children's Arts Council: Arts Contact; Oakland, CA 2008-2010.

Business Owner & Operator; Online Gallery, Art Dealer, Private Lessons, Art Camps,

    Kare4Art, LLC & Karrie Jackson Arts: Coronado, CA  2015-current

    Crown Art Studios: Coronado, CA 2010.

    Established Karrie Jackson Arts: Lafayette, CA 2003-2009.

Art Teacher; Girls Inc., Lockwood Elementary, Oakland, CA, 2003.

Art Mentor; Rock La Fleche, Oakland, CA 2000.



Curatorial and Public Projects

Coronado Art & Wine Festival, Coronado, CA 2023.

Emerald Keepers, Student Garden Volunteer, Coronado, CA 2021- current.


C3 Gallery, Student Exhibitions, Coronado, CA 2016, 2018, 2022, 2023.

92118 Day Interactive "Paint by Number" Mural & Live Event, Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, Coronado, CA 2018.

CoSA Visual Art & Instrumental Music featuring Camarada, Bread & Salt Gallery, San Diego, CA 2018.

Chalk Walk, Coronado High School, Coronado, CA 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019

Earth Day Chalk Walk, Emerald Keepers and Coronado High School Visual Arts, Coronado, CA 2021, 2023

CHS Mindfulness Room, Coronado High School, Coronado, CA 2017.

John Cage Abstract Collaboration, Coronado High School, San Diego Museum of Art Young Artists Visualizing Music Exhibit 2015.

Black Box Gallery, Student Exhibitions, Coronado School of the Arts, Coronado, CA 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Coronado Clock Tower Student Murals, Coronado School of the Arts, Coronado, CA 2013.

CHS Art Walk, Coronado High School, Coronado, CA 2013.

Mission Federal San Diego Art Walk, Little Italy, CA 2011-2013.

Botanical Trash Can Design, Coronado High School, Coronado, CA 2012.

Shredder, Coronado High School, Coronado, CA 2011.

Who is the Voice of Education?, Chicano Park, San Diego, CA 2010.

Kindergarten Mural, Corpus Christi School, Piedmont, CA 2008.


Works held in private collections in California: Coronado, San Diego County, San Francisco Bay Area, and San Bernardino County; Colorado; Idaho; and Hawaii.

California Surf Lifesaving Association (CSLSA), Coronado, CA.

Granada Treehouse Studio, San Diego, CA.

American West Group, Denver, CO.


Coronado Arts, 2014-current.

Coronado Magazine, April 2023.


Coronado Times, April 2023. 


Eagle Journal, April 2023.

Islander Broadcast, April 2023.

Coronado Times, January 2021.


Shoutout SoCal Local Stories, November 2020.

KCMS, Feature, May 2018.

Islander TV Feature, October 2017, May 2018.

Coronado Vibe Magazine, Shedding Light on Coronado Artists, April 2018.

SD Voyager, 2018.

Balboa Park Arts Empower Conference, 2017.

Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2017.


City of Coronado, 2016.


Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2017.


Coronado Lifestyles Magazine, 2016.

KPBS, 2016.


Coronado Times & ECoronado, 2016.


Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2016.

Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2016.


Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2017. 2015. 2014. 2013. 2012.

Coronado Arts 2017.

Coronado Arts, 2016.

Coronado Arts, 2015.

CoSA San Diego, 2016.

Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2015.


Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2014.


Coronado Times & ECoronado, 2016.


Coronado Eagle Journal Newspaper, 2013.


California Digital Newspaper Collection, CDNC, 2013.



Online Compilation of Collaborative Arts Integration Curriculum Development and Resources K-12 for Coronado Unified School District, Digital Collection. 2019-2021.

Visual and Performing Arts National Core Standard Curriculum K-5 for Coronado Unified School District, Digital Collection, co-author, 2017, 2018.

Coronado Coloring Book, Self Published; Coronado Schools Foundation; Amazon, CreateSpace; Barnes & Noble, 2016.

Awards and Grants

2018-2021, Project Director under DoDEA grant, CUSD.

2017-2018, Curriculum Writing, Teacher Support & Teaching under DoDEA Grant CUSD.

2016, Most Creative Award, Coronado Coloring Book, Coronado Lifestyles Magazine.

1998-2003, California College of the Arts, San Francisco. President's Scholarship.

1998 Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, President's Scholarship.

All works © 2003-2023 Karrie Jackson. 

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