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Do you have a community vision for inspiring creativity? 

Do you need support in instructional ideas and techniques?

Do you want to develop your creative program to meet the unique needs of your community?

Creative Advising Sessions are offered to support you in your vision and implementation of Creative Arts Programs.

Karrie works with Teaching Artists, Teachers, Administrators, Businesses and Entrepreneurs who have a passion to inspire creativity in their communities.

Founding Values


As a Creative Advisor, Karrie Jackson offers a range of experience from coaching individual studio art practice, public art projects, community art events, and arts program development. Mastering the Art of individualized support, Ms. Jackson specializes in inspirational counsel, coaching authenticity, transformation, joy and inspiration with a distillation of creative processes through diving deep into intent development making room for intrinsic creative expression.



Ms. Jackson has over 25 years of experience as a Creative. completed her undergraduate training at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, With Distinction; obtained a Masters of Education, Curriculum & Instruction - Integrated Teaching through the Arts, from Lesley University; and a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Visual Art from Point Loma Nazarene College. She has been a free lance artist in addition to being an educator and leader since 2003.

Creative Program Advising


As the Director of Arts for Learning in Coronado Unified School District, Ms. Jackson  has worked in partnership with a Non-Profit Arts Contracting Agency, Classroom Teachers and Teaching Artists to guide and advise the collaborative creation quality Arts Integrated English Language Arts Lessons at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels, She has guided over 80 professionals in the field, honing in on team meetings to weaving in the dynamic needs of both educational requirements and creative processes for Visual Art, Dance, Music, and Performing Arts. Overseeing an annual budget of over $100K to maximize implementation of materials, Teaching Artist Contracts, professional development,  and extra-curricular events, Ms. Jackson has organized collaborations through dynamic schedules, use of facilities and project outlines in the best interest of all parties involved. Prior to her role as Director, Ms. Jackson also co-developed VAPA Curriculum for the Coronado Unified School District grades K-5 based from the new National Core Standards. Ms. Jackson has worked with Counseling Departments at both the high school and elementary school level to develop projects that promote positive student culture.

On multiple occasions, Ms. Jackson's projects have extended out into the community. She has worked directly with the City of Coronado, The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, The Coronado Historical Association, Adult Education and Community Hospital and Nursing Home. She has also worked to coach adults in developing their fine art explorations through local Adult Education Program based on individual intent for personal growth. As an agent of Arts Healing, she worked with the elderly in local hospital and nursing home on individual an collaborative crafts to uplift spirits. She also developed a Mindfulness and Art course that focused on guided mindfulness meditation both with music and out in nature followed by dream journaling and exploration of personal symbolism. through art Through her work with the City, she has organized both personal and educational exhibits and public projects in the community. 

Ms. Jackson owned and operated a free lance business from 2003- 2017 with projects and commissions scoping from private lessons, painting, design, large scale artworks and landscaping installation. As a small business owner, Ms Jackson has guided students in setting up an EIN with local and state permits, advised on budgeting, income statements, contract negotiation, web design and intent development.

Arts Education Leadership

Visual Art Conservatory Chair, Workshop Development, Studio Art Coaching, Portfolio Guidance, Exhibition Organization, Public Projects, Digital Community Forum & Figure Drawing Instruction


Enrichment Art Course Development

Mindfulness Meditation & Dream Art Journaling

Guerilla Gardening

Saturday Open Studio

Mindfulnes and Art Dream Journals
Mindfulnes and Art Dream Journals: Student Work

Mindfulness Meditation & Dream Art Journaling

High School, 3 hour Saturday Studio

Students were guided in mindfulness and self-compassion meditations as well as onsite beach meditations and drumming and visualization meditations. Students discussed dream symbolism and interpretation, and analyzed art and films based on dreams and imagination.. Students explored visualizations of meditations and dreams through mixed media in personal sketchbooks.

Student Succulent Garden

Student Art Garden
Student Art Garden

Guerrilla Gardening

High School, 3 hour Saturday Studio

Students explored guerrilla gardening culture. Students collaborated on garden designs and planted succulent garden.

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Director of Arts Integration Curriculum Development
Kindergarten through High School 
Curator of Arts Integration Curriculum and Instruction Resource

District Wide Arts Integration Program 

Curriculum & Instruction Development 

Grade Level Teams and Teaching Artists worked together to develop English Language Arts Integration Units based on Common Core Standards and the CA State Arts Standards.

Grade Level Teams & English Departments:

  • Planning Meeting Preparations: Grade Level Team Planning Meeting Agenda for Arts Integration

  • Team Option 1: Follow Lesson Plans in Arts Integration Curriculum and Instruction Resource
    10 -20 weeks, Arts Integration Component 1 x per week
    Grade Level Teams use the Arts Integration Curriculum developed by CUSD TEACHERS & ARTS 4 LEARNING TEACHING ARTISTS. Arts integration lesson plans and instructional samples for each grade level are accessible via the links below.


  • Team Option 2: Collaborate to Create Standard Based Arts Integration Unit that will meet your students' current needs
    10 -20 weeks, Arts Integration Component 1 x per week
    Grade Level Teams collaborate to create high quality Arts Integration Units that meet their students' current needs  Use Components of an Arts Integration Unit as a guide. The best way to sustain high quality creativity is to keep creating! 


Arts Integration Units



Middle School:


High School:

Depository Graphic.png

Visual Art Curriculum Development Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

Kindness Wheels

Counseling Department-All School Project

Great Kindness Challenge

Students wrote how they give and receive kindness around cut out heart shape. Students used sharpie and watercolor on coffee filters.

Home & Healthy Choices

Conceptual Design

VAPA Visual Art Fifth Grade

Students added creativity to designs about home and healthy choices. Students focused on line and bold colors. They wrote artist statements about their artistic decisions. This lesson was inspired by a student illustrated book We Dream of A World.

Endangered Species

Aboriginal Art

Oil Pastels

VAPA Visual Art Fourth Grade

Students created artwork inspired by Aboriginal Xray Art from Australia. They chose an endangered species and made a silhouette for their design.

We Dream an Education

Printmaking and Collage

VAPA Visual Art Third Grade

Students use recycled newspaper as art, and created a design using a printing technique. They wrote about dreams in education. This lesson was inspired by a student illustrated book We Dream of A World.

Recycled Abstractions

Repurposing Artwork

VAPA Visual Art Second Grade

Using black and white text from magazine we recycled students created a background. They then used art tissue to create an image and liquid starch to stick it to the background.

Peace Collage

We Dream of a Peaceful World

VAPA Visual Art  First Grade

Students created artwork using torn paper.

They used a silhouette of their choice to represent peace in the world.

This lesson was inspired by the student written and illustrated book,  

We Dream of a World….

Cave Art

Lascaux Caves

VAPA Visual Art  Kindergarten

Students learned about Lascaux cave art.

They created their own cave art!

Visual Art Co-Teaching with Home Room Teachers

Various Projects

Discrete Arts and Arts Integration

National Core Standards

District Curriculum for the Arts

Ms. Jackson has co-developed Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Curriculum for the Coronado Unified School District grades K-5 based from the new National Core Standards. Ms. Jackson has worked with Counseling Departments at both the high school and elementary school level to develop projects that promote positive student culture.

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