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Old Classics 
Karrie Jackson

Old classics take us on journeys through memories and style. Presenting dynamic designs of classic automobiles with strong angles, beautiful curves and chrome reflections...


About the Old Classics Series

When I was a little kid, I would play outside next to my father's classic 1950s black Mercedes Benz 170 SD. Just being next to it transported me to another time. I don't know if you remember Micro-Machines, but I had a whole collection of classic model Micro-Machines and Hot Wheels which was pretty unique for a girl in my day. I would line them up and shine them. I love the older models for their designs. I have been disappointed in most modern car designs ever since. Somewhere along the way designers would forgo the intricate curves and details for efficiency and futurism.

One day, just fresh out of the studio, I was marinating on my next series at a local coffee spot. When I emerged from the den of rich flavor, as if lined up in a photoshoot just for me was a row of classics. I opened my vision and realized 4 city blocks were full of classics for the car show. I honed in on the Model T with the surfboard in back right away, and got my shot. Jumped in my truck and headed back to the studio!

My relationship with my vehicles falls nothing short of animism.

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