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ART STudent


Sokline Peterhans, Student Artist

“Karrie is hands down the best teacher I have ever had. She taught me much more than just art. I was in her CoSA class for 4 years which was like my second family. She would teach us how to get inspired and how to keep going even if we lost our mojo. She would create amazing demos which would get us to try different mediums to help us expand our palettes. She was always creating art or helping us in whatever way we needed. She really inspires me not only as an art teacher but also as a person."

- Sokline Peterhans


Viktoria Adalsteinsdottir , Student Artist

"Karrie Jackson has undoubtedly been the most influential teacher and mentor throughout my high school career. She guided me into discovering an artistic practice that flows into growth in areas of even my personal life. I came to Karrie as a lover of arts but I had no real direction yet. Throughout 4 years she broke down the fundamentals of art while also challenging myself and other students to discover unique approaches, techniques, style and much more. Furthermore Karrie dissected the complex concepts such as color, value, space and texture in a teaching style that led me to my own special understanding. Another critical skill Karrie taught me was how to communicate about art. Through group share outs or even one on one talks with herself I felt myself begin to better understand the conceptual aspects of the art world. To be a successful artist you must have confidence and integrity behind the artwork you represent. I think this is what makes Karrie such a meaningful teacher. She instills important lessons beyond the art itself, she encourages each of her students to embrace their own perception of what art is. Karries ability to build a strong artistic mindset leads to an abstract understanding that is so essential to anyone looking to explore their own artistic capabilities. Personally I am at a loss of words for how much I was able to learn under Karrie's wing. I came knowing how to use a simple pencil and I am now able to create artwork through various mediums including oils, acrylic, charcoal and more. Not only this but I have developed a new lens at looking at the world as an endless pit of directions and paths waiting to be explored. Without Karrie's motivation and dedication to her students I can not say I would be in this place today!"

- Viktoria Adalsteinsdottir



Amanda Moser, Student Artist

“Karrie taught me so much about art. She taught all things painting and drawing technique, dabbled in art history, exemplified showing, curating and sales, and taught the importance of true creativity; as something simple, inspiring, playful and relevant in all aspects of life. I am forever grateful for her, as she inspired my artistic interests to flourish into a passion.” 


- Amanda Moser

Bay Area Student Short Film Festival Coordinator



Angel Jimenez, Student Artist

"It’s really easy to talk to Karrie about your art, and talk about your intentions, and she always gives really great feedback and constructive criticism that helped me grow so much as an artist. She was always very encouraging of ideas I had for new pieces when I brought them to her, and helped bring a different perspective to my ideas, often adding to them. She opened up my mind to try new things and experiment. In the one year that I was her student, my portfolio grew in quantity, quality, and diversity and I’m not afraid anymore to try new things, instead I embrace them. The biggest thing Karrie taught me is that there’s always a way to creatively solve a problem and that there’s always a different way to look at your subject and life. Karrie also taught me that everyone and everything has something special about them. I also learned during my time as her student that we all should embrace that we have our own unique way of perceiving the world through our own creative lens. Approaching my artwork with that mindset helped me create some of the best pieces with emotional depth and better storytelling than I had created before. I’ve definitely taken this advice with me into college as a journalist because it’s my job to interview people and tell their stories through videos, podcasts, photographs, newscasts, and other mediums. I always try to make my stories more engaging, creative, and visually appealing and my eye for design and out of the box thinking has helped me greatly in internships and in the journalism field. Thinking creatively has also opened up more doors for me because I approach projects differently than my peers. Karrie hands down gives the best advice and is one of the best mentor’s I’ve ever had when it comes to art and creative coaching."

 - Angel Jimenez


Steffi Audrey photo.jpg

Steffi Audrey, Student Artist

"Karrie Jackson changed the way I approach art completely with her open mindedness towards all types of creative styles and constant encouragement. I am now able to experiment in all types of art with confidence. Giving helpful advice and personal tips during artwork process made not only my art grow, but myself as well. Her upbeat loving heart is what I will always remember her for and her passion towards teaching is like no art teacher I’ve had before. She has always encouraged my creative flow and uplifted my vibrant color palette choice rather than advising to change. Treating every student as if they were her family, it is truly a wonderful life changing experience being an art student of Karrie Jackson."


 -Steffi Audrey


Alyssa Agarwal, Student Artist

"Over the four years that I spent as Karrie’s art student, I was blown away by not only her love for art, but also by her commitment to teaching. When I entered her class as a freshman, I approached art with only the goal of having a completed piece, however, with Karrie’s guidance and support, I quickly learned that the process of creating was just as rewarding as the finished product. Karrie showed me how to expand my focus and appreciate the calm and chaos that comes with the creative process––a lesson that I have carried with me far beyond the art studio and into my life today. She taught me how to have confidence in my abilities and how to learn from my weaknesses. With the creative mindset that Karrie helped my cultivate, I now see art in everything that I do. I would not be who I am today without her love and inspiration!"

- Alyssa Agarwal

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