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16" x 20"

Acrylic on Canvas


Unlike many of my works, I have held this Garlic painting in my personal collection for a decade and am now releasing it as a part of my 2020 retrospective.  It was a part of my Flavor Series in my earlier body of work. The seies aimed to celebrate the layer of flavor we give to the art of cooking which is beyond the basic needs of food. In a way, I was debunking the myth of the starving artist in an attempt to reach for the more sensual aspect of food. During the creation of this observational painting, I smelled the garlis, held the garlic and even ate the garlic so that its full essence would be observed through many senses. The pearlescent paint used to depict the translucent skin of the garlic was indeed one of the greatest technical joys in creating this piece. 


SKU: 3020SL
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