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12" x 9"

Acrylic on Canvas 

Master Study Reproduction of Etude de fesses, Felix Edouard Vallotton, 1884


Figure drawing sessions are one of my highlights of being a Studio Art Teacher as those days can truly connect one with the deeper history of art making. I love to offer up the choice of approaches, be it classical chiaroscuro or authentic style. I remember as a young kid, seeing my high school sister's nude drawings from art class, and fell in love with the romance of the figure. In my spiritual studies, there is such a polarization around the acceptance of the body, and as we know, the body is often a "touchy" subject. In this Master Study Reproduction of Etude de fesses, Felix Edouard Vallotton from 1884, I fell in love with both the pose and the sensitivity to color. I have alterned the composition slightly and stylized it a bit looser with my own mark. 

Study of Etude de fesses

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